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60 Minutes Massages


A Medium pressure treatment with an aromatic essential oil of your choice. These oils have properties like De Tox, Calming and Stress Relief.

Anti Jet Lag

An ideal massage therapy for those who travel frequently and work long hours. Relax with this customized service post a tiring day 

Balinese Massage

Higher pressure treatment with some amount of stretching the hands, legs and spine like Yoga. This treatment is effective for muscle aches and knots.

Deep Tissue

A deep manipulation of muscles with a considerable amount of pressure. This therapy is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tensions and knots.

Stress Buster

Anti Stress treatment is focused on Stress Storage points and helps the body to relax and manage stress better.

Swedish Massage

Slow and Gentle pressure treatment is one of the most renowned Treatments This is suitable for first timers or Ladies.

30 Minutes services

Head Massage

Based on an Ayurvedic form of healing, this treatment focuses on your head, neck and shoulders by using a variety of pressure and technique on the seven energies that balance the whole body.

Foot Massage

It is the gentle manipulation of the foot that produces an effect elsewhere in the body. Pressure is applied to the feet with specific hand techniques that have an overall relaxing effect on the body

Neck and Back

Ideal for those who spend a lot of time on a desk job and use computers and mobile phones.  This therapy eliminates knots from the stress storage of neck and back and relaxes the muscles, giving you a lighter feel.

Head and Shoulders

This beautifully relaxing Therapy, targets the Head, Shoulder and Neck which store most of the tension and stress of your body.

combo Services - 90 Minutes

Massage and Facial

A massage session relaxes your body and increases the blood flow that soothes and calms your skin. Boost your looks by getting a facial that improves your skin quality and gives a gleaming look.

Massage and Scrub

Enjoy a relaxing massage and get a clean and rejuvenated skin in one go. This service is a combination of a massage of your choice and a exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub.

In House Rejuvenation

A true treat for the senses! Experience this signature dynamic massage at Somara ; the ideal treatment for holistic well-being. This relaxing and soothing therapy involves cleansing and moisturizing elements coupled with a skin softening and relaxing facial mask.

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