Why visit a spa?
Visit a spa for a Body Massage, Steam, Facials, body scrub and Body polish etc. The specialty of a spa is in Massages and Full body treatments like body scrubs and Polishes etc. The reason being they have the infrastructure like a room dedicated to such services with shower and steam facilities, which is convenient and overall experience is seamless.

One hour of massage is equal to eight hours of Sleep. Massage improves the blood circulation in the body and also eases out the stress zones like neck, back and the legs. To a certain extent massage helps in fat burning and weight loss. If you are gym enthusiast then a regular massage and steam works wonders.

Choose the right spa?
If you are an individual who is committed towards your beauty health and overall well being, you should be looking at spa visits at least twice a month. In the current times of a stressful and irregular lifestyle A visit to the spa is a good options to Relax, Refresh and Rejuvenate.


There are many spa offering attractive price based deals and most of us fall for it. However you should know the reality of deals and consider the following basic criteria before visiting any spa.

Reviews & Reputation

Look for a spa on the internet and read the reviews. Preferably call the spa and evaluate their customer service, whether they are customer oriented or revenue oriented. Google reviews and ratings are a good benchmark to choose a spa. Also many grey businesses and shady rackets are running in the disguise of a spa in almost every city.

Health and Hygiene

Since many people visit the spa, it is very important for a spa to ensure that its premises are clean and disinfected. Just imaging a person with a skin problem was treated and you are being treated on the same bed!! Many spas have great décor and facilities but these factors get missed out.

ambiance & facilities

 You would not want to hear a traffic noise or commotion during your massage. Choose a spa which has a calm interiors and less noisy. A peaceful spa environment allows you to relax and doubles the effect of a massage. Generally one falls asleep within the first 20 minutes of a spa therapy.

value for money

Many of the spas boast on their interiors and location and charge dearly. Remember that you are paying for the massage and the experience. The décor and location matters only to the first five minutes, post that you pay for the quality of the massage and the overall experience. So pay for the service and not for the décor.

frequently Asked Questions

Massages are selected as per the requirement depending on your lifestyle and medical conditions. A sportsman and active person can take Deep Tissue or Balinese massage, which has high pressure and stretching while a businessperson can opt for Aromatherapy having medium pressure. A female customer can take Swedish or Aromatherapy.  At somara wellness our Wellness Specialists can customize the service based on your requirements and ensure that you have a great experience at SOMARA.

Massage is recommended two hours after a meal or one hour before meal. For best results take massage along with steam and take a light lunch followed by a refreshing nap. You will wake all energized and refreshed.

You do not need to bring anything, we provide almost everything that you may require. For your comfort try to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

Don’t fall for the price based ads, rather check what facilities they have in terms of Steam, Accessories and comfort. Check on the experience and qualification of the therapists and Hygienic standards of the Spa.

Generally Spa are open from 8 am to 10 pm. This is an Ideal time to take massage. However be cautious of late hours massages sessions as you should eat only after 1 hour post massage, delaying  your sleep.

Ideally a Massage Session should be between 60 minutes to 90 Minutes. However a massage on the go can be 45 minutes as well. If You are looking for an extended session you can opt for four hand massage or a two hour session. 

A membership is cost effective and comes with several benefits like, Multi users, Locations and additional hours and complimentary services. Choose a reputed spa at a convenient location to your place.

Always arrive a few minutes before your appointment, Ensure that you have a clean feet and nails are cut. Clean skin and washed hair are suggested. However a Spa offers Steam, and Body Scrub to help you clean up before a massage session. Keep your mobile on silent and reduce the conversation to a lower tone. Stay relaxed and Refreshed.

50% Discount

If it is your first visit to Somara, You are eligible for 50% Discount on all services. 

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