Spa as an Experience

Why Visiting a Spa is all about experience?

Do we really do something because there is a reason behind it? Do we really do something only when there is a need for it? Or do we really need reasons to do anything? The answer is No. We sometimes do things for no reason and just go for it simply because, we want to experience it.

Greetings for the day!
Have you ever tried spa just to experience it? If not you sure will after reading this blog. Because visiting a spa has nothing to do with reasons but just encountering the overall experience.
Here are the top five experiences a spa at Somara gives you.

Experiencing the total body exfoliation
You read it right. You experience your body being exfoliated after a spa session. The oils, massage and the pressure used during a spa session just don’t make you relaxed, but will also make your skin soft, fresh and exfoliated.
Your skin being exposed every day to so much of pollution, sun, dust and the impure air undergoes much damage. This is why you sometimes need to experience spa sessions, which will not only help you relax but which will also help your skin to feel alive again. Somara Tip: Experiencing exfoliated skin after a spa session should be on your to-do-list of 2020, Somara says.

Experiencing the Spa after being tired
A majority of us look for a cup of tea/coffee to relax ourselves from a tiring day. This small intake does nothing so great in particular, but we lived in a feeling since ages that having a cup of tea/coffee brings so much relaxation and you feel refreshed. For few this may be true, but in many cases this is just a believed routine.

So coming back to spa when you are feeling tired. This is the new age practice people are slowly getting acquainted to. Spa is a place where your overall body, mind and soul are targeted. Your tensions, stress and anxiety are relieved. Spa is what you need to throw yourself at least once a month to calm the soul, soothe it and energise it to begin afresh everything. Experience a spa session to relax the tired soul and you are never looking back at anything else next time you feel tired. Because spa is all about overall refreshment and you experience the best when you are really tired.
Somara’s advice: Next time you feel tired, try spa at Somara.

Experiencing the softened skin after a Mani and Pedi
Each body part matters. Taking care of each and every body part is a part of healthy personal routine. But lately did we forget the hands and feet which we often use numerous times for various activities every day?
Regular manicure and pedicure is an experience every woman should witness. Fret not. Somara is at your rescue. You experience after a manicure and pedicure says it all at Somara. Because, you are not just being pampered, but are getting pretty too.

Regular manicure and pedicure helps you maintain good hands and feet. Your skin is refreshed and soft and you are more comfortable with your appearance. After all your skin deserves pampering every month.
So now, what does a manicure and pedicure at Somara make you experience? Your skin feels soft like never before. Your skin wears this new freshness like never before and you are all excited seeing your hands and feel glow like never before.
Somara tip: Experience manicure and pedicure like never before at Somara.

Experiencing a massage for a calm mind
Headaches these days have become more common due to the increased work pressure, anxiety, stress and lot more. Our body needs rest to function again the next day. Similarly your mind needs some rest and that’s why you need a head massage.
You might be wondering what a head massage at Somara can do to. Read more to find out.

A head massage targets your neck and shoulder muscles. The hot oil used to massage your head, not only relaxes you and your muscles, but also makes your hair feel good and soft. Regular head massage is an added benefit all the time. Because, your hair is all nourished and you are relieved, refreshed.
Not just this, the ambiance, music, aroma and a nice massage during a spa session, acts as a catalyst in making your headache relieved. Experiencing a spa session when you have a bad headache is something which can’t be explained. It can only be experienced.
Somara tip: Next time you have a headache, visit Somara.

Experiencing the old being pampered
Experiences are for everybody and so is Somara spa. Pampering the old soul, their mind and body is as much important as everything else. The tiredness caused by the age, the boredom these old people develop and the refreshment they require, as they grow older is something we cannot ignore. Spa sessions are equally important to these old souls who need refreshment, relaxation and need to get energized. Hence Somara always welcomes the old to help them experience a session of refreshment and rejoice the overall process.
Somara advice: An alternative way to love your grandparents is to book their appointments at Somara.

Spa is an experience
An overall experience everyone needs to experience. The tired soul who needs relaxation, the hardened skin that needs exfoliation, the older soul that needs pampering, the stressed mind that needs a massage and anybody else who just need a pleasant experience. Spa is for all.

Spa is not an experience, is a part of healthy living. It’s taking care of the self. It’s gifting the self some love. It’s all about enjoying a session for an overall experience, enjoyment and enhancement.
It’s for the body, mind and soul. It’s for everybody’s everything that needs something to refresh that one thing- You. Experience a spa session today to feel refreshed. Rejoice the overall process and let your soul reenergise. Visit Somara today. Because experiences are best when felt and not when read or said

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